Superhero Compression Running Socks – Graduated 15-25 mmHg Knee-Hi Caped Fun Socks


FEEL LIKE A HERO, EVERY DAY – Each LISH Superhero Compression Sock features a cape sewn to the back of the sock, designed to flutter behind you as you run or workout. Channel you inner hero every time you wear them! KNEE LENGTH 15-25 mmHg COMPRESSION – With a graduated compression level of 15-25 mmHg, these compression socks are specially designed for everyday use. Wear them to work or while lounging around the house, and stay comfortable! MINIMIZES SWELLING AND SORENESS – Standing or sitting for long periods can be hard on your feet and legs, causing them to ache and swell. LISH Travel Compression Socks compress your leg from the ankle upward, promoting better blood flow to reduce swollen feet, leg cramps, and help reduce the risk of DVT. ALL DAY COMFORT – These travel compression support hose provide effective stability for your ankles and calves, while the non-binding top stay put without being restrictive. SIZING MADE EASY – Available in three sizes – S/M fits women??? shoe sizes 5 – 8 and men??? shoe sizes 3 – 6; M/L fits women’s shoe sizes 8 – 11 and men’s shoe sizes 6 – 9; L/XL fits women’s shoe sizes 12 – 14 and men’s shoe sizes 10 – 12.


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