KELME Pro Soccer Referee Jersey Bundle – Includes Referee Jersey Shorts and Socks



??? CONFIDENCE – We know how important it is to look and feel good on the field. It?? not easy to be a soccer referee and your confidence when making the calls is a big part of your success. No more miss-matching referee uniforms, we are doing our part to make you feel like a PRO to boost your confidence so even the bad calls will look like the right ones. ??? K-AIR TECHNOLOGY – 100% breathable material that will always make your soccer referee shirt feel cool, dry and light during the game. ??? CONVENIENT POCKETS – Two convenient pockets to help you to do your job better. One is located on the left side of your soccer referee jersey for easy access to the most common used card, the YELLOW. The second pocket is located on the back of your soccer referee short where you will keep the RED card. No more confusion during the game. ??? PERFECT FIT – 100% polyester that will provide you with the perfect fit and look. We provide elastic rib and seamless seal around the front pocket. You will look and feel like a professional soccer referee. ??? MACHINE WASH SAFE – After all the amazing calls you will make using your soccer referee shirt, shorts and socks just throw your uniform in the washing machine with no worries of damaging the clothes. 100% safe and will give you the clean perfect look, every time.


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