Le Bent Le Lucy Trail Running Ultra Light Cushion 34 Crew Height Sock Morrocan Blue



THE LE BENT STORY ? Born out of mateship, a love of alpine sports and a wealth of experience achieved over a decade of professional ski bootfitting, Le Bent originally launched to market with the first technical ski sock that successfully combined ??nrivalled comfort, performance and fit.? We now craft intelligently designed technical first on skin layers (socks, base layers and accessories) blurring the lines between luxurious comfort, performance and style LE LUCY DESIGN ? Designed by Aussie ultra trail specialist Lucy Bartholomew, this sock has been in more ultra trail runs than we dare think about and comes with the technology that took Lucy to third place in the prestigious Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run. Lucy ran hundreds of miles in blister free bliss to help test this sock and the result speaks for itself. ULTRA LIGHT TRAIL SOCKS ? A high performance ultra light 3/4 crew trail sock with an attractive unisex colourway inspired by alpenglow in the Australian Alps. Our Definitive Fit System and Signature Blend combine for the ultimate in comfort and maximum performance on the longest of trails, this sock is Lucy?? performance pick. INNOVATIVE MERINO WOOL AND BAMBOO DESIGN ? Blurring the lines between luxurious comfort, performance & style, Le Bent crafts intelligently designed, technical first-on-skin apparel. Crafted with a signature blend of merino wool and bamboo for a no-itch feel. Stay comfortable, warm, and odor-free in all climates DEFINITIVE FIT PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGY ? Elastics & strategic stitching provide targeted support in all the key areas: elasticated instep to secure and snug, with no wrinkles or bunching; ankle band for a precision fit for twisting and turning; Achilles arch support for extra comfort in this high friction area, also minimizing heel lift; memory stretch molds to your feet every time the sock goes on


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