Ranger Sport Men’s Heavy Duty Cotton Quarter Athletic Socks


80% cotton/17% polyester/3% elastane BUILT TO LAST: (Composition: 80% Cotton, 17% Polyester, 3% Elastane) Heavy Duty Socks Made with Best of Class Combed Cotton and Reinforced Elastic to Withstand Rough & Tough Usage. ROBUST DESIGN: Strengthened Core with 2-Ply Yarn Running Through Out The Socks to Increase Durability by 3 times. CUSHION COMFORT: Cotton Cushioning Beneath the Foot Provides Soft Support and Helps in Sweat Absorption and Impact Reduction. TOP GRADE ELASTIC: No Worries of Slippage as The Socks Stay firmly Gripped to Your Feet Thanks to The Elastane of the Sturdiest Quality Used in Knitting. VERSATILITY: Elegant Design Combined with Superior Materials Make These Socks A Perfect Choice for All Uses from a Rigorous Trek on a Mountain to a Casual Jog Along a Beach.


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