TCK Flat Knit Cotton Sanitary Liner Baseball Socks


PERFECT SANITARY SOCKS: MadSportsStuff partnered with TCK to create a classic sanitary sock. This basic white cotton/nylon blend tube sock is knit thin and designed to be worn underneath traditional stirrups (the higher the cut on the stirrup, the more the sock shows through). These sanitary socks are made for men or women and to be used for baseball, softball or fastpitch. ACCURATE SIZING: MadSportsStuff Sock Size: Small – Youth Shoe Size 12-5, Medium – Womens Shoe Size 5-10 Mens Shoe Size 5-9, Large – Womens Shoe Size 10-13 Mens Shoe Size 9-12, X-Large Womens Shoe Size 13+ Mens Shoe Size 12+ PERFORMANCE MATERIALS: Fiber Contents: 68% Cotton 32% Stretch Nylon PERFORMANCE FEATURES: Tube design with a flat-knit and a cushioned foot. Double welt top for a stay-up fit. 🇺🇸 QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Our sanitary socks are made with love in the USA.


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