thorlos Jmx Max Cushion Running Ankle Socks


Acrylic,Manmade,Mesh,Nylon,Spandex Made in USA Run comfortably with the Thorlos® Running Mini-Crew 3-Pair Pack! Sold as a three-pair pack. Designed to help protect your feet from the damaging effects of impact, shear and blistering common to running/jogging. Heavyweight padding at ball and heel provides protection against shock, impact and shear forces. THOR·LON® throughout the body of the sock wicks moisture, keeping feet drier and reducing blisters. Lightweight padding in arch provides protection and allows for better fit and arch support. 86% THOR·LON® Acrylic, 12% Stretch nylon, 2% Spandex. Machine wash cold. Made in the USA.


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