Waterproof Socks Tanzant Breathable men’s hiking waterproof socks for men cycling kayaking Skiing Trekking


Standard waterproof socks usually have three layers, which handily solves the contradiction between waterproofing and breathing property. 1) Outer layer that’s similar to regular socks, an internal membrane that keeps water out while allowing foot moisture to escape. 2) In order to keep your feet dry, and to improve the warmth, comfort and breathability of waterproof socks, preventing blisters on your journey, we use cotton fiber material. Smooth toe seam eliminates bulky seams to reduce abrasion and provide extra blister protection. Deep heel cup style with full wrap prevents your socks slipping into boots or shoes. Ultra-light cushion sole provides comfort and great fit. Non slip ribbed top keeps the sock stay in place. .Please be careful the water depth can not exceed the welt of socks when you are wading. Do not submerge the waterproof socks in the water, otherwise, the water will enter into the internal place of your socks. How To Wash the Socks to Extend its lifetime : Hand wash under normal temperature below 30?. If machine wash, do not iron, bleach, dry clean or tumble dry but hang to dry after spin-dry in ventilated place. Perfect windproof and water resistant socks for outdoor activities in harsh environment with mud and water all over the place: trekking, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, hunting and exploring. Also Fit for many snow and water sports: skating, skiing, ice rock climbing, snow fights, ice golf, ice archery and surfing. They go well with sneakers or hiking shoes.


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